Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day!

                                                                Mom 1975

Thursday, May 11, 2017

                                                                     © Scott W Baker

Friday, March 3, 2017

Medium Format.....Film and Digital

As a Long time Photographer, it has come to my attention over the last few years that were involved in a tectonic shift as required to Photographic technology and the different ways to create an image.

Gone are the days when a simple click of the shutter on a Rolleiflex or Hasselblad 500CM was ok, with a wait until you developed the film or sent out to the local Lab. There was a laconic slow dreamy quality to the process and images were great, but mostly not, but when they truly hit the mark, in medium format film, it was truly astounding!

I recently shot with a FUJI GFX Digital Medium format camera. The format size is not true FILM medium format, slightly smaller, but distinctly larger than full frame 35mm.

The image Quality was astounding. Getting it so easily was amazing.

Its gonna be a game changer, as the FUJI is well priced at Under $7000. Competitive with Pro gear.

Time will tell.

Below is a Medium format shot in film and one with Digital.
© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker
Hasselblad 500C with 80mm Planar.
Fuji Acros Film

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hasselblad 500C...............and the pursuit of perfection

Recently I was able to procure what I consider is the cleanest newest looking Hasselblad 500 C Film camera.

If your not aware of Hasselblad, its a Medium format 6x6cm film camera with Zeiss lenses. It was first made in 1957 and is still around today and accepts a Digital 50meg CMOS back.

The true beauty of the V system as all 500 and 200 series cameras are called is that the craftsmanship and quality is superior to anything made even today.

I got a great deal on a system par excellent.

500C body with silver 80mm C F/2.8 lens with rare 6 element Zeiss Planar lens. and 2 A12 film backs.
Plus : NC-2 Prism
Hasselblad PME-3 metered prism
Polaroid back
Anatomical grip
Waist level Finder (newest version)
speed focus ring
2 Zeiss Proxar filters
and a Gossen Luna Pro Meter in leather case.

ALL were 9-10 in condition and worked perfectly, though I decided to get the lens CLA, (clean lubed  and adjusted)

This is a mind blowing bit of gear in near new condition. its heft and quality ooze from it and its amazing to shoot.

My love for film never died, as it was where i started in 1975.

Film slows me down and makes me contemplate what I really want to shoot.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Revamping My Web Site

Every once and a while I find it refreshing to take a closer look at my web site, . I find that a new look at it and a change up of look and feel and a careful analysis of my images as a working professional photographer.

I work in NYC as a Professional Photographer. With 25+ years experience I am comfortable in my craft honed over a long period of time.

The challenge is to create new and great and inspiring image content. It a challenge I relish every day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunny dear friend.

My Dear Friend Sunny Balzano died March 10 2016 in the Home he was born in Red Hook Brooklyn. Sunny was a force of Nature! He lived a truly extraordinary life. Traveled the Globe,went to India and back to his roots at 253 Conover Street where his Grandfather's waterfront bar stood.

It was being run by his Uncle John. Sunny fell into the Barkeep business purely by accident. Its the painter and lover of Music that truly entranced Sunny but his own Fiefdom-Bar made for a wonderful complex collage for which he painted with Music beer and talk.

I met Sunny in 2003 when he was cradling his newborn daughter of six months. it was a Sunday afternoon,with sunlight pouring thru the front of the Bar.

We bonded deeply and immediately and it lasted forever.

I grew very close to my dear friend Sunny because when he decided to truly befriend you it was from such a pure place in his heart that you were almost overwhelmed by the pureness of it and how warm his embrace was.

He was both wise and gentle and kind in a very unique way. He tried to see out of your eyes and that made all the difference. Sunny was the warmest most kind and loving friend I have ever known. He was and will always be missed and yet his spirit will waft over Red Hook Brooklyn and Conniver Street for ever.

Rest in Peace my Soul Brother.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Adam Sandler Portrait in Savannah

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Adam Sandler while he was in Savannah while he is doing a movie. He is with his family,had a chance to meet his wife and kids. I asked him if I could take a Portrait of him. I believe that if you ask for permission instead of being a paparazzi you respect them as People and they Respect you in return. I am primarily a Savannah Wedding Photographer but also do Portraits.

So, I ask Adam to stand in front of old light Post and take 5 shots,thats it but got great results.

Adam Sandler
© Scott W Baker 2015


Friday, January 10, 2014

Apple Aperture 3.0 and why I miss Steve Jobs

I am a wedding Photographer as well as a Fine Art Photographer based in NYC. I use state of the art Mac's and Apple Aperture 3.0 software. I am using latest Fuji Raw file that came out 3-4 months ago. YET,still Apple does not support files. Its also a very long time,(3 plus year) since Apple came out with new Version, number 4.

In Technology you must be adaptive, innovative and responsive.Be ahead of the curve, cutting edge, way out front.

When Steve Jobs was alive he had a way of being able to deliver cutting edge mind-blowing technology and always surprising you.

Now Apple seems to sorta coast. Good stuff they make but not responsive to Professional photographers needs.

Not Steve Job'sian!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shooting Hasselblad 500CM with B/W film

I went out into NYC and went photographing with a Hasselblad 500CM with a Zeiss 80mm F/2.8.
I was walking along the east river near the Brooklyn Bridge. I also was using a Minolta Spot meter and Ilford FP4 Film. It was very liberating to take a slower methodical approach to each shot. You need to contemplate each image, each shot is a frame and the film back only takes 12 shots. Then you must reload the film back which takes about 2 minutes. So, the process is methodical and takes time, but I am certain the film will reward with great images.

I shoot weddings in NYC and there are occasion when i shoot film for my wedding clients, but mostly I shoot Digital. I expect to eventually get a digital back for the Hasselblad and get great mind-blowing images! Its why I love the Hasselblad 500CM. Its future proof, it allows me continue the legacy that I started in 1975.


Happy Mothers Day!

                                                                Mom 1975