Friday, August 12, 2016

Hasselblad 500C...............and the pursuit of perfection

Recently I was able to procure what I consider is the cleanest newest looking Hasselblad 500 C Film camera.

If your not aware of Hasselblad, its a Medium format 6x6cm film camera with Zeiss lenses. It was first made in 1957 and is still around today and accepts a Digital 50meg CMOS back.

The true beauty of the V system as all 500 and 200 series cameras are called is that the craftsmanship and quality is superior to anything made even today.

I got a great deal on a system par excellent.

500C body with silver 80mm C F/2.8 lens with rare 6 element Zeiss Planar lens. and 2 A12 film backs.
Plus : NC-2 Prism
Hasselblad PME-3 metered prism
Polaroid back
Anatomical grip
Waist level Finder (newest version)
speed focus ring
2 Zeiss Proxar filters
and a Gossen Luna Pro Meter in leather case.

ALL were 9-10 in condition and worked perfectly, though I decided to get the lens CLA, (clean lubed  and adjusted)

This is a mind blowing bit of gear in near new condition. its heft and quality ooze from it and its amazing to shoot.

My love for film never died, as it was where i started in 1975.

Film slows me down and makes me contemplate what I really want to shoot.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hasselblad 500C and the Art of looking slower

I am about to become the owner of a very Minty Hasselblad 500C Camera with a 80mm F/2.8 Zeiss lens.

I shoot digital but I am trying to refine what motivates me and sharpen my skills and craft and return to the fresh state of seeing when I first took up Photography in 1975 with a Konica Minolta Rangefinder 35mm film camera. My first foray into film and photography, a journey that would forever change the course of my life.

That first camera and subsequent cameras of many types have set me free. But it was such a freeing moment that first time when I developed my first roll of b/w film in a darkroom, too feel film in my hand, to hold a developing tank, to smell the chemicals that the potent sorcerers created to entice me into this magical universe. It was truly mesmerizing to see a negative and to hold it in hand, to see a chrome for the first time, the cardboard corners, the KODACHROME lettering and mind-blowing colors. I was hooked bad!

Fast forward 40 years, and I am returning to the original well of hope and inspiration. The Hasselblad 500C is a Swedish gem. Its a 6x6 cm or to be exact 54mmx54mm format film camera with the best Zeiss lenses ever made. Its a masterpiece of mechanical wonder that truly creates Stunning images.

And it slows you down to SEE and look more purposefully. Too appreciate the scene and craft, to make an image.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Revamping My Web Site

Every once and a while I find it refreshing to take a closer look at my web site, . I find that a new look at it and a change up of look and feel and a careful analysis of my images as a working professional photographer.

I work in NYC as a Professional Photographer. With 25+ years experience I am comfortable in my craft honed over a long period of time.

The challenge is to create new and great and inspiring image content. It a challenge I relish every day.

Revamping My Web Site

Every once and a while I find it refreshing to take a closer look at my web site, . I find that a new look at it and a change up of look and feel and a careful analysis of my images as a working professional photographer.

I work in NYC as a Professional Photographer. With 25+ years experience I am comfortable in my craft honed over a long period of time.

The challenge is to create new and great and inspiring image content. It a challenge I relish every day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunny dear friend.

My Dear Friend Sunny Balzano died March 10 2016 in the Home he was born in Red Hook Brooklyn. Sunny was a force of Nature! He lived a truly extraordinary life. Traveled the Globe,went to India and back to his roots at 253 Conover Street where his Grandfather's waterfront bar stood.

It was being run by his Uncle John. Sunny fell into the Barkeep business purely by accident. Its the painter and lover of Music that truly entranced Sunny but his own Fiefdom-Bar made for a wonderful complex collage for which he painted with Music beer and talk.

I met Sunny in 2003 when he was cradling his newborn daughter of six months. it was a Sunday afternoon,with sunlight pouring thru the front of the Bar.

We bonded deeply and immediately and it lasted forever.

I grew very close to my dear friend Sunny because when he decided to truly befriend you it was from such a pure place in his heart that you were almost overwhelmed by the pureness of it and how warm his embrace was.

He was both wise and gentle and kind in a very unique way. He tried to see out of your eyes and that made all the difference. Sunny was the warmest most kind and loving friend I have ever known. He was and will always be missed and yet his spirit will waft over Red Hook Brooklyn and Conniver Street for ever.

Rest in Peace my Soul Brother.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Adam Sandler Portrait in Savannah

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Adam Sandler while he was in Savannah while he is doing a movie. He is with his family,had a chance to meet his wife and kids. I asked him if I could take a Portrait of him. I believe that if you ask for permission instead of being a paparazzi you respect them as People and they Respect you in return. I am primarily a Savannah Wedding Photographer but also do Portraits.

So, I ask Adam to stand in front of old light Post and take 5 shots,thats it but got great results.

Adam Sandler
© Scott W Baker 2015


Friday, January 10, 2014

Apple Aperture 3.0 and why I miss Steve Jobs

I am a wedding Photographer as well as a Fine Art Photographer based in NYC. I use state of the art Mac's and Apple Aperture 3.0 software. I am using latest Fuji Raw file that came out 3-4 months ago. YET,still Apple does not support files. Its also a very long time,(3 plus year) since Apple came out with new Version, number 4.

In Technology you must be adaptive, innovative and responsive.Be ahead of the curve, cutting edge, way out front.

When Steve Jobs was alive he had a way of being able to deliver cutting edge mind-blowing technology and always surprising you.

Now Apple seems to sorta coast. Good stuff they make but not responsive to Professional photographers needs.

Not Steve Job'sian!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shooting Hasselblad 500CM with B/W film

I went out into NYC and went photographing with a Hasselblad 500CM with a Zeiss 80mm F/2.8.
I was walking along the east river near the Brooklyn Bridge. I also was using a Minolta Spot meter and Ilford FP4 Film. It was very liberating to take a slower methodical approach to each shot. You need to contemplate each image, each shot is a frame and the film back only takes 12 shots. Then you must reload the film back which takes about 2 minutes. So, the process is methodical and takes time, but I am certain the film will reward with great images.

I shoot weddings in NYC and there are occasion when i shoot film for my wedding clients, but mostly I shoot Digital. I expect to eventually get a digital back for the Hasselblad and get great mind-blowing images! Its why I love the Hasselblad 500CM. Its future proof, it allows me continue the legacy that I started in 1975.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I work as a wedding photographer in NYC. I encounter a lot of vendors in my work and sometimes some of them stick out for the amazing way they do business and who they are.

I happened to be chatting with Deanna at Saipua a few days ago. She and Sarah the owner do lots of hand made flower arrangements for weddings and each one is amazing. the dedication to all natural flowers and craft is a pleasure to watch.

Being a great wedding photographer in NYC requires working with great people and so I highly recommend you take a look at them.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kayaking in New York Harbor and other wild Adventures.

A few days ago I set out to photographer a friend and Music industry great Elizabeth Freund on her kayak. We set out at sun set with 2 kayaks.My Kayak was loaded up with my camera bag and a Mamiya RZ as well as a few lens and around my neck was a Fuji X100. Everything was great.The Light was spectacular and the hot summer dusk was amazing with the Red Hook view overlooking the Harbor and the Statue of Liberty simply stunning. We were out shooting about 30 minutes. occasionally a Fast Ferry would speed by.We paid it no mind,we both are experienced in boats.

Well, a Rouge wave did me in. I was turned taking great shots when suddenly I was capsizing and fell into the harbor with my camera bag and i plunging into the Harbor. It was a true shock and I was stunned. My camera bag had a Mamiya RZ Camera with a 110mm f/2.8 lens and a few other lenses and various photo items, as well as my iPhone and glasses in my vest. Well in the matter of 10 seconds the whole thing sank too the bottom of New York Harbor!

I lost everything.Cameras, Iphone, glasses, all. It is still a shock but i am slowly trying to come to turns with it. About 30 seconds after the capsizing Elizabeth took a shot of me in the water. The other images were prior to my capsizing. Please enjoy.
© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mary Webster Baker Birthday today-My Mom

Today is July 3rd 2013 and on this day in 1932 my mom was born. She died on June 20th 1980. Mary would have been 81 today!

I will always miss her.
Mary Webster Baker1975 SouthHampton Beach

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My iMac

Today I had what can best be described as as a Minor-MAJOR freak out over my Apple 27 inch iMac. But the best part is what happened.I am a Photographer, I shoot weddings and Portraits. Photography and by default my Imac are intertwined like the dna in my marrow.So, as you can imagine,when my trusty Imac started to act up,I was very concerned.

So concerned that i powered her down,disconnected the cables and lugged her by bus then subway to the Apple superstore that is Apple's 5th ave store.Its open 24 7 and 365 days a year. I walked in and almost right a way a young Apple genius bar man came over, took the machine and walked me up to the Genius Bar and in less than 5 minutes had a tech start to ascertain what was wrong(!) with her.after a full set of diagnostic test on every conceivable part of her,she was given an absolute clean bill of health.

Then it got amazing.The tech then proceeded to polish her up, clean her up and make all shiny and bright! After a few more minutes he attached some screws on the underside of the imac that cover the memory slot.He then carried the machine up the stairs to fifth ave and proceeded to hail me down a cab and gently place her in the back seat for her gentle ride home.

She is working perfect again.Total cost to me....NOTHING!!!
My admiration and feelings of being treated like a very valued Apple customer 10,000%

This is why Apple is the best company making things in the world.They get it.They treat us as we want to be treated.Can you imagine Dell or IBM or Acer or any other company for that matter go to that much trouble for a customer?

I highly doubt it.They have my business for life. I take great photographs when given the opportunity,and one of the key things I value is knowing my images are safe, and secure and that I can work and create outstanding images that wow people. Thank you Steve Jobs and thank you Apple for getting it!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some images I have taken over last 12 months.

©Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

©Scott W Baker

©Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker
© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Freezer of Film!

I recently picked up some film and so i have been adding to my collection of films and storing them in my Freezer so that they last for years. I still shoot with film sometimes, it provides a look that digital just cant get and an organic feel that cannot be duplicated in digital.

I just love the feel of the rolls of film,I shoot 35mm as well as 120 and even some 4x5 film,mostly Fuji Acros. I shoot the 120 film in a Mamiya 7 camera and a 65mm lens,super cool setup!

When shooting weddings i like to offer the chance to also cover the brides wedding with Film too,and sometimes they go for it.

When I got into Photography, back in mid 1970's Film was all there was. Kodachrome was king. I also shot and developed black and white film in the darkroom,way cool!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fuji X-Pro 1

About a month or so ago I upgraded some of my equipment and sold a Nikon D2x camera and bought a Fuji X-Pro 1 body and Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 lens. These are new cameras and lens that Fuji came out with about a year ago.They are styled along the way a leica rangefinder is.They are black aluminum alloy body with very high build quality. The camera is black and weighs about 12 ounces, and feels very light when you wear it.You hardly notice the camera at all,compared to say my Nikon D2x body and lens.

That is a very interesting thing because it blends into you and you become less aware your carrying a camera. The camera uses a unique sensor that does not use a Bayer array that most other camera manufactures use,so the sensor has a organic random pattern to its sensors.The image quality is stunning. as good as i have seen.

The software to use the Fuji raw files is a bit more complex but there are ways and the files are deep and solid and have great extended range and great colors.

The camera has about 6 lens available that Fuji makes but also, and this is BIG,it has an adaptor that you can use that support LEICA legacy glass,all M mount lens work, though not in AF mode.

Additionally in a few months ZEISS is coming out with 3-5 Auto Foucus ZEISS lens for the Fuji XF mount,and that will be a game changer as it will give LEICA a run for their money with superb IQ and substantially lower prices for a body and lens.

If you can shoot with a lighter camera with superb IQ and it cost 2.3 less why not!

I expect that Leica will feel some pain as this rolls out.

I will definitely be photographing some weddings with this great Fuji X-Pro 1 camera this spring.

Fuji X Pro 1

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Review of Fujifilm X-PRO1 Digital Camera Body, 16.3 Megapixels, APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor, 3.0" LCD Monitor, Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Originally submitted at Adorama

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Mirrorless Premium Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera. 16.3 MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor, FUJIFILM proprietary X-Mount, Full 1080p HD With Stereo, Black - NO LENS

Pro Level -with Leica Image quality!

By Photographica from New York City on 1/17/2013


5out of 5

Which of the following features do you use on your digital camera?: Low-light shooting, Image stabilization, Interchangeable lenses, Fast Auto focus, Manual focus, Continuous shooting

What do you do with your digital images?: Use in personal blogs, web sites, and social media sites, Sell – professional photographer, Print using a home printer

Picture Quality (e.g. clarity, sharpness, color): 8

Ease of Operation: 7

Shutter Speed/Lag Time: 7

Variety of features (e.g. zoom, image stabilization, low light): 7

Durability/reliability (e.g. damage resistance, battery life and sturdiness): 8

Overall Experience: 8

How likely are you to recommend your digital camera to your friends, family, co-workers, etc.: Definitely will

Pros: Good Image Quality, Good in Low Light, Good Image Stabilization, Fast/accurate auto-focus, Easy To Use

Best Uses: Weddings/Events, Family Photos, Landscape/Scenery, Wildlife photos, Indoors/Low Light

Describe Yourself: Pro Photographer

Was this a gift?: No

As a working Professional in NYC,I rely on my camera's to provide me with near perfect image quality, after all that is the bottom line. And I require that my cameras are easy to use, and built tough to take the day to day grind that working in NYC as a working photographer entails.

The bottom line is that The Fuji X-Pro 1 with the 35mm f/1.4 lens is simply stunning. The images are nothing short of superb,and easily compare with Top of the Line Canon L series glass and the Top of the line Nikon glass as well as Sony Zeiss glass.

The rangefinderesque look and feel of the camera and the very high build quality make it very easy to use and carry.Shaving off pounds to my gear.

One extra nice feature is that in spring of 2013 ZEISS is coming out with 3-5 AF lens specific to The Fuji X-Pro and they will be amazing.

The Fuji X-Pro-1 is in my opinion,a game changer camera, and bodes well for getting razor sharp images and great color from a smaller lighter camera.

Flower,shot with Fuji 35mm lens