Monday, October 19, 2015

Cullen and Olivia Newton Wedding

I had the rare opportunity to photograph a wonderful couple in NYC in Late September. Cullen and Olivia Newton. The Wedding was held at the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City.Great old factory space with old wood floors and great light.

200 plus guests,packed, great music, great people, a Perfect Wedding Experience! It was a real Pleasure.                    

                                                                         © Scott W Baker

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Wedding in NYC-Photographing Young Couple in Best Light of the Year!

I am heading into NYC to Photograph a cool young couple,Cullen and Olivia. Great Brooklyn Wedding,about 150 friends and family of Bride and Groom attending. What makes these weddings so cool to Photograph is that late September Sun Light is the Best Light, crisp warm golden and out of this world for capturing a Bride at her best. I love September Weddings,as a Wedding Photographer its my Favorite month!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Getting Ready For Fall Wedding Season in Savannah

As fall approaches down here in Savannah, I am preparing for a busy wedding season. Many brides get ready to book photographers in the fall because that is the time of year when the weather is most wonderful down here. I really enjoy the process of reaching out and talking to couples as they decide on the photographer for their wedding. I tried to make them comfortable and relaxed because I realize  they are stressed from going through with so many things on their mind and I try to make it easy for them to understand the process of creating great images for their wedding. As a Savannah Wedding Photographer I bring to the table 20+ years of experience which certainly helps. At the end of the day, I guess it's about passion.
I have a passion for photography and I have compassion for taking great wedding images and I always look forward to the day that I take those photos.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Adam Sandler Portrait in Savannah

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Adam Sandler while he was in Savannah while he is doing a movie. He is with his family,had a chance to meet his wife and kids. I asked him if I could take a Portrait of him. I believe that if you ask for permission instead of being a paparazzi you respect them as People and they Respect you in return. I am primarily a Savannah Wedding Photographer but also do Portraits.

So, I ask Adam to stand in front of old light Post and take 5 shots,thats it but got great results.

Adam Sandler
© Scott W Baker 2015


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Savannah Wedding Season

The begin of full on Savannah Wedding Season is upon us here. I am meeting with potential Client next week, looking forward to it. As a Savannah Wedding Photographer, its key to meet with the bride to be and get to know each other. This is the most special day for her. I try to put myself in her shoes so to speak, and capture the finest images I can,because the Wedding is a wonderful moment in Life.

Wedding Photography is like catching a firefly on a warm summer night, wonderful and glowing!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Savannah Engagement shoot

I had the pleasure I'm doing an engagement photo shoot in Savannah. With a lovely couple, the light was perfect and we captured several great images. I shoot engagement portraits and weddings in Savannah and coastal Georgia. Please feel free to contact me at

Monday, March 9, 2015

Savannah Wedding Photography

Well Folks, here I am in good old Savannah Georgia. I moved down here recently to start a new phase in my Life.I am loving this city,the light is great and the Spanish Moss on the tree's are so Amazing!

I am crafting and creating great wedding imagery here in Savannah. So, if you care to see my wedding imagery please take a look at

New Post soon!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wedding Albums,why I love them!

Recently gave client, Cherrelle and Rob Hall gorgeous hand made wedding album, bound in leather.
                                                                     © Scott W Baker

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rob and Cherrelle Hall Wedding September 2014

Rob And Cherrelle Hall Wedding September 2014

© Scott W Baker

Scott W Baker-Brooklyn Wedding Photographer


I am a Brooklyn Based Wedding Photographer. As the Holiday seasons are coming, its a good time to book your engagement or wedding Photographer while you still can and get great wedding images. With over 39 years experience as a Photographer I am certain that I will make your NYC Wedding something truly memorable.

Please feel free to call 212-380-1032 to enquire about pricing.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Top Ten important things to remember as a bride when hiring a wedding photographer.

1. The night before your wedding drink a lot of water.

2. Make sure to hire a professional makeup artist, and less is more.

3. Wear a beautiful bridal gown that you love and do not give into the pressures of others on what to wear.

4. Make sure to have a beautiful flower bouquet as it adds A wonderful accent.

5. On the day of your wedding try to forget all of the various crazy things going on and simply enjoy the moment after all this is a once in a lifetime event.

6. Never hire the cheapest wedding photographer, this is the one day where paying the right price for quality is the right thing to do.

7. Decades later after the dancing, the flowers, and in the food, all you will have two remember this wonderful day is your wedding photos and albums.

8. My aunt who was married for 67 years still cherishes after 70 years the wedding photo albums from that amazing day.

9. Make sure you order the very highest Quality wedding albums and Prints as they are the most important way you will remember this special day.

10. And most importantly, hire the very best wedding photographer you can afford, this is no time to be cheap.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Shooting Great Wedding mid September in CT-------STOKED!

I am shooting a great Wedding this mid September in Stamford CT. Really Looking forward to it.Cherrelle and Rob. Its gonna be a long but great day. There is a certain magic in the air when you Photograph a wedding, a couple making life long vows of Love.Its cool and Life affirming. LOVE IS REAL as John Lennon said.

any way, Love to shoot weddings. So look me up if your in need a great talented and experienced NYC Wedding Photographer.

© Scott W Baker

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shooting NYC Weddings with.....FILM!

Hi All. I wanted to mention, as a New York City Wedding Photographer.I occasionally get asked or decide to shoot some of my NYC Weddings with a film Camera. I own several, a 35mm Nikon F4S that is amazing. I also shoot with an incredible Bronica S2A with a Nikkor 75mm F/2.8 lens and an amazing 50mm Wide Nikkor F/4. The reason is simple, with certain light a 6x6cm image shot on film will have a quality un matched in digital. Weddings are all about feel, and NYC Brides want to feel special, and I can capture a special moment or feeling with these film cameras that Digital sometimes lacks. The ethereal feeling of the light and structure of film grain and colors lends itself to a romantic and sensual feeling that is very difficult to capture with a digital camera.

Shooting with my Bronica 6x6cm camera with these incredible Nikon lenses is a real blessing. The Nikon lenses are tack sharp, and render color superbly. Shooting film whether it is black or white or color depends on the mood and the light and the feeling you're trying to go for. A shoot brides in Brooklyn and throughout New York, and sometimes it is the exact right thing to capture the mood.

Black-and-white film especially can be wonderful when you were shooting with a medium format camera, the Tonal range is unmatched.

New York City wedding photography is very competitive so I try to shoot film to create and advantage and create a look that brides in New York will love.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wonderful Queens City Hall Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the Queens City Hall wedding of Deddeh Marwieh with her
family near by. She was a Radiant Bride,wearing all white with a simple flower Bouquet.
Enjoyed it immensely.

 Queens City Hall Bride
©Scott W Baker
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

©Scott W Baker
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

©Scott W Baker
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

©Scott W Baker
Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Friday, January 10, 2014

Apple Aperture 3.0 and why I miss Steve Jobs

I am a wedding Photographer as well as a Fine Art Photographer based in NYC. I use state of the art Mac's and Apple Aperture 3.0 software. I am using latest Fuji Raw file that came out 3-4 months ago. YET,still Apple does not support files. Its also a very long time,(3 plus year) since Apple came out with new Version, number 4.

In Technology you must be adaptive, innovative and responsive.Be ahead of the curve, cutting edge, way out front.

When Steve Jobs was alive he had a way of being able to deliver cutting edge mind-blowing technology and always surprising you.

Now Apple seems to sorta coast. Good stuff they make but not responsive to Professional photographers needs.

Not Steve Job'sian!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reflecting Upon 2013

As I find 2013 winding down its last gasps of wind and snow I reflect upon a year that certainly has proven interesting. I am surprised to find myself doing something I truly love,Photography.I am shooting weddings in the New York City area. Its slow going to build up the business but its growing and I get a great satisfaction from doing something I love and thats my lives passion. If you can work at what is your passion you really are not working, your growing.

I am growing and I am also transitioning into a new complicated phase of my life. My father is slowly passing.He is 87 and losing altitude from his old vibrant self. The loss is very hard to experience but inevitable. I hope I can travel with him to the other side and give both of us some long sought peace. We shall see.

I also find much to my amazement that i have fallen deep in love with a wonderful, kind, loving and sexy woman named Heidi. Its so un expected and yet fills my heart and soul in truly unimaginable ways that I cannot describe.

Love is the best way to realize whats truly important in life. It helps you define what really matters.

2014 will be a challenge but with love in my heart and passion in my eye I hope to have an extraordinary year.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Cherrelle and Rob Engagement Photos 2013

I recently had the pleasure of shooting some wonderful engagement photo's of Cherrelle Evans and Rob Hall in Central Park and then around the 14th street Meatpacking District. The light was late day afternoon fleeting golden sun light.This is my favorite type of light to photograph Brides and soon to be brides as its so amazing and glows!

We went into Central Park up towards 87 street then we were near the Central Park Reservoir. I was shooting with a Nikon D3 and a 24-70mm Nikkor but my go to lens was the 85mm F/1.4. This is a killer lens with sublime Bokeh at wide open.

After shooting for 30 minutes we headed to the Meat Packing District where with the after glow of the sun setting we got some fabulous images! It was a real pleasure photographing Rob and Cherrelle and really look forward to photographing their Wedding in September.

You can see more of my wedding work at

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

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© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker

© Scott W Baker